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Email to FLOW from a ratepayer regarding the January 8 water outage

TO: Felton Flow
DATE: 1/17/05
SUBJECT: Cal Am Complaint

It was my misfortune to have to telephone Cal Am recently when we lost power in Felton and subsequently, all water pressure. The first two times I telephoned the 800 number I was not able to connect with anyone for so long I was forced to hang up. Although I was invited by their automated service repeatedly to take a short summary, I never received any service to evaluate.

The third time I pressed the numeral designating I was reporting a water main break I got a hold of a human. I asked her why we had the outage and when to expect water and discovered she had outdated information. When I told her I'd been at the site she was referring to and had updated information, she retorted that she was only reporting on the bulletin she currently had and that's all she knew. I offered to update her but she had no desire for current information. Further, when I asked her why, after living here for 18 years, this time we lost water pressure so quickly when previously it would take days of electrical outage before we would lose water pressure. She was unable and unwilling to respond. In the end I told her what I thought of her poor customer service and asked to be put through to the short survey. Instead she hung up on me.

We were extremely fortunate we didn't have a real emergency, as their customer service was inaccurate, defensive, and uncooperative. I still don't understand why my neighborhood experienced a pressure outage since there is a backup generator that should have kicked in to prevent this. Either the back up generator is not being serviced or there was no Cal Am employee to ensure it worked, or both. I am very unhappy with being put through this problem when it was preventable. Further, I have no confidence in their willingness or ability to respond to customers.

Thank you

Name withheld on request