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Felton Water Rate Hearing Rescheduled

Valley Post, May 6, 2008
At the request of California American Water, the local hearing for its request to raise Felton water rates has been moved from late May to June 17. Cal Am has requested that the state Public Utilities Commission grant it a 54.4 percent rate hike for Felton customers beginning in 2009, followed by increases of about 6 percent for each of the next two years.

Water company and residents ready to tangle over water's worth
Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 1, 2008
FELTON -- Local residents are gearing up for what's expected to be a David versus Goliath showdown in the courtroom next month over the value of the water supply in Felton.

Cal Am parent debuts on stock exchange
The Associated Press, April 23, 2008
NEW YORK -- Shares of American Water Works Co. are expected to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange today after the water and wastewater utility's initial public offering priced at $21.50 per share, below the expected price range.

RWE Unloads American Water on Wall Street Cheaper Than Expected: Food & Water Watch Cites Public Discontent With Private Water Companies as Main Reason
Food & Water Watch press release, April 23, 2008
Washington, DC – Today, just seven years after boldly acquiring the largest private water utility in the United States, international utility giant RWE announced that it was getting out of the water business, issuing a public offering of American Water on Wall Street. The Germany-based utility giant RWE and had to lower the price of the opening shares by 10%, likely due to lack of interest among investors.

RWE sells 36 percent of American Water, sees charge lowering profit
International Herald Tribune, April 23, 2008
FRANKFURT, Germany: Germany utility RWE AG said Wednesday that it has sold 36 percent of American Water Works Co. and will take a charge of up to €600 million (US$955.8 million) on the transaction.

Crooked Pipes: FLOW prepares for the final battle against RWE for control of Felton’s water utility
Good Times Santa Cruz, March 19, 2008
How much is water worth? A California American Water (CalAm) internal memo—prepared by a PR firm in 2003 and leaked to activists and the press anonymously—states the following about the prospects of quashing eminent domain mutiny in Felton: “The results of [focus groups] show a grim environment in which the only viable argument appears to be increased taxpayer cost without improvements to service or water quality.”

FLOW Victory
Metro Santa Cruz, March 12, 2008
For the average working stiff Monday is not a day for jubilation, but for Betsy Herbert, Monday, March 10, was sure to be the best day of the week. That was the day the environmental analyst for the San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) learned that her agency had won a crucial court ruling in its attempt to wrest control of Felton's water system from Cal-Am, a subsidiary of the multinational company RWE.

Cal Am: It's Not "If," It's "How Much?" Felton Water Suppliers Agree to Let Jury Establish Purchase Price
The Valley Post, March 11, 2008
In a surprise move, about one week before California American Water went to trial Mar. 17 to fight a local attempt to take over its Felton water system by eminent domain, Cal Am conceded the point. Instead, company officials said they would focus on establishing the Felton system's worth at $25 million in a jury trial set for June. That is significantly higher than the San Lorenzo Valley Water District's $7.6 million offer, or for that matter the $11 million in bonds authorized by Felton voters.

Cal Am drops fight over public interest of water buyout
Santa Cruz Sentinel, March 11, 2008
FELTON -- California American Water Co. dropped its legal opposition Monday to a grass-roots effort to establish whether there is public interest in wresting control of the Felton water supply from the private conglomerate.

BREAKING NEWS: Cal Am drops opposition to public-interest trial over water supply
Santa Cruz Sentinel, March 10, 2008
FELTON - California American Water Company announced today that it will drop its legal opposition to a grass-roots group's efforts to establish whether there is public interest in wresting control of the Felton water supply.

BREAKING NEWS: Cal-Am concedes first phase of eminent domain trial
Press Banner, March 10, 2008
In a bold move, California American Water Co. announced today it would forgo the “right to take” trial that would have determined if the Felton water system is eligible for eminent-domain takeover by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

German Utility RWE Profit Falls
Associated Press, February 22, 2008
BERLIN - Germany utility RWE AG, whose U.S. operations include American Water, said Friday that its profit fell in 2007 from the previous year when it had a large gain from the sale of its British subsidiary.

Felton water aquisition featured in German TV documentary
January 8, 2007
A film crew from the German network ARTE spent a week in Felton chronicling our efforts to acquire our water system from Cal-Am, American Water and RWE. The 20 minute documentary can be viewed below.

Cal-Am pulls billing request

Press Banner, February 29, 2008
California-American Water Co. has withdrawn its state Public Utilities Commission request to bill Felton residents for the $67,000 awarded to Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water for its work on a previous rate-increase request.

Cal Am will suggest spreading fee to Monterey
Santa Cruz Sentinel, February 26, 2008
California-American Water Co. has temporarily withdrawn its attempt to recoup from Felton residents legal fees the company was ordered to shell out to a grass-roots citizens group.

Cal Am lowers proposed rate hike for Felton
Santa Cruz Sentinel, February 5, 2008
California American Water has lowered its rate increase request that would affect 1,300 Felton customers beginning in 2009, but a grassroots group determined to take control of the local water supply says the proposed hike is still too high.

Cal-Am loses bid to stop Felton condemnation
Press Banner, January 25, 2008
California-American Water Co. tried and failed to short-circuit the eminent domain process under which San Lorenzo Valley Water District is moving to acquire Cal-Am’s Felton water system.

FLOW lawsuit stays afloat; Felton water control fight head to court this spring
Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 19, 2008
FELTON -- Residents here may be a bit closer to regaining local control of their water system. A Superior Court judge denied a motion Friday that could have thrown out a lawsuit Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water, or FLOW, filed against California American Water to win back control of their water supply.

Felton fights against American Water - and RWE
German Public Radio, December 27, 2007
The water comes from the same source as in the neighbouring village, but cost double. Die Bürger der kleinen kalifornischen Gemeinde sehen den Grund dafür in der privatisierten Wasserversorgung und in der Preispolitik der RWE-Tochter American Water - und wehren sich. The citizens of the small Californian community see the reason in the privatised water supply and the pricing policy of RWE subsidiary American Water - and defend itself.

You can listen to the radio report in German here.

CalAm Seeks Additional 78 percent Revenue Increase from Felton Water Business
Valley Post, December 18, 2007
CalAm has filed a rate case with California's Public Utilities Commission that seeks a 78 percent increase in revenue from the Felton system. The impact on customer rates would be spread over three years starting in 2009. However, the largest leap would come in the first year, when the average customer's bill would increase by 72 percent.

Cal-Am to file for rate hike
Press Banner, December 14, 2007
California-American Water Co. has advised the state Public Utilities Commission that it wants to boost water rates by 79 percent in 2009 and collect a new surcharge over nine months instead of two years.

Felton group vows to fight proposed Cal Am hike amid fight to take over water system
Santa Cruz Sentinel, December 8, 2007
FELTON -- California American Water is seeking permission from the state to hike rates 78 percent over three years for its 1,300 Felton customers, a company official confirmed Friday.

Cal-Am hits Felton
Press Banner, December 7, 2007
Felton water customers got a double whammy Friday, Dec. 7, as California-American Water Co. filed to boost water rates by 78 percent and proposed to collect an additional new surcharge over nine months instead of two years.

Reversing Water Privatization in Felton
KUSP's Talk of the Bay, December 4, 2007
An update on Felton's efforts to take over its water system with Jim Graham of Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water. Broadcast included an episode of the National Radio Project's "Making Contact" series.

Cal-Am wants residents to pay FLOW legal fees
Press Banner, November 23, 2007
Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water is opposing an attempt by California American Water to levy a surcharge on its Felton customers to pay $67,000 to FLOW, as ordered by the state Public Utilities.

German Owner Delays Sale of Felton Water's Parent Company
The Valley Post, November 20, 2007
Felton's water system will remain part of the chain of ownership that falls under German-based RWE Aktiengesellshaft for a few months longer. RWE has postponed its plan to divest American Water, which owns CalAmerican Water and the Felton system. RWE is poised to sell American Water as a public offering, but for the moment the stock market isn't an attractive place to sell a corporation. RWE has indicated that it will pursue the sale next spring.

FLOW gets $67,000 in legal fees
Press Banner, November 16, 2007
The state Public Utilities Commission has awarded Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water $67,000 in legal fees for its expenses as an intervenor in the recent California-American Water Co. rate case.

RWE Delays Unit's IPO; Cites State of U.S. Market
Wall Street Journal, November 15, 2007
FRANKFURT -- RWE AG postponed the initial public offering of shares in its American Water Works unit, citing unfavorable conditions in the U.S. capital market.

RWE punished for American Water sale delay
The Guardian UK, November 15, 2007
The German utility RWE saw its share price fall sharply yesterday after it announced it was postponing the sale of its American Water business, which had been planned for the end of this year.

RWE Delays Controversial Sale of American Water on Wall Street
Statement of Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter
NEW YORK - November 15 - "Amid third quarter profit losses, Germany-based utility giant RWE announced it would delay its controversial sale of American Water, citing "unfavorable" market conditions in the United States. This decision begs the question: will market conditions ever be favorable to the privatization of public water services?

RWE puts off sale of American Water
Santa Cruz Sentinel, November 15, 2007
RWE, Germany's largest power producer, has postponed the sale of its American Water unit due to U.S. market turmoil, a move that impacts plans for Felton residents who want to buy the waterworks.

RWE Shares Roll Downhill
Forbes, November 14, 2007
LONDON - Germany utility giant RWE disappointed the market on several levels Wednesday. First came the nine month results that, though comfortably ahead of last year's results, fell short of analyst expectations. Then came the announcement that they would be postponing the much-anticipated initial public offering of their American Water subsidiary, and would be scrapping a share buy-back program, as well as postponing an increase in dividend payments. Unsurprisingly, the announcements triggered a sell off that sent RWE's shares diving.

Water Rights: No Clear Solution
National Radio Project, October 31, 2007
The privatization of public water supplies is occurring in many places around the world. Sold like a common commodity, the rights for distribution and management of community water are being bought and controlled more and more by private entrepreneurs and corporations. But a global movement of activists say this most basic element of life should stay in the hands of the people who use it and out of the control of profit-seeking corporations or government bureaucracies.

State Awards FLOW $67,000 in Legal Fees
Valley Post, October 23, 2007
On Oct. 18, FLOW activists marked a small victory in their protracted battle over the water rates charged by California American Water Company (CalAm) in Felton. The state's Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has agreed to reimburse FLOW $67,000 for legal fees incurred last fall as they battled CalAm's application for revenue increases.

Utilities panel grants FLOW legal fees
Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 18, 2007
The California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday awarded the Friends of Locally Owned Water $67,000 to reimburse the conservation group for legal fees it spent fighting a water rate increase.

KTVU Channel 2 special report on the Felton water fight
KTVU Channel 2, May 6, 2007

Court keeps Felton water case local
Santa Cruz Sentinel, September 7, 2007
The Sixth District Court of Appeals on Tuesday dismissed a petition from California-American Water Company, which serves Felton residents, to move its trial out of Santa Cruz County.

State to Felton's Cal Am: Well proposal not very well planned
Santa Cruz Sentinel, August 28, 2007
FELTON — The state has thrown a wrench into plans by California American Water Co. to drill a $500,000 well in search of an additional source of water, which the private company says it needs because of low winter rainfall this year.

Cal Am's plans for a new Felton well run dry
Santa Cruz Sentinel, August 27, 2007
The California Public Utilities Commission has denied the proposal by California American Water Co., the water supplier to 1,350 customers in Felton, to drill a new $500,000 well in search of an additional source of water.

FLOW vs. Cal-Am: The battle over Felton water continues
Press Banner, August 7, 2007
Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water, a grassroots organization that fights to gain public control of the town’s water system, has put itself on the map when it comes to fighting privately owned corporation California American Water Co.

A Win in the Water War: Stockton, Calif., residents have stopped one multinational company from taking over their water system, but other localities remain threatened
In These Times, August 1, 2007
Bill Lokyo never expected to find himself embroiled in a six-year battle over water with a multinational corporation and city officials in Stockton, Calif.

Cal Am appeals venue change
Monterey Herald, July 3 2007
California American Water has filed an appeal to a Santa Cruz County Superior Court judge's ruling against their request for a change of venue in a lawsuit over the company's Felton water system.

Felton Community Resists Water Giant
KPFA, June 18, 2007
Residents in the town of Felton, California are using eminent domain to buy back their water supply from a private water company called American Water. Residents complain of price gouging and poor customer service.

More gripe to Cal Am on Peninsula: Area leads company's other service areas in complaints
Monterey Herald, May 19, 2007
California American Water's Monterey service division accounts for nearly half of all customer complaints from all of the company's system statewide over 15 months, according to a report released by Cal Am to the state Public Utilities Commission.

Water district wants rehearing
Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 19, 2007
The San Lorenzo Valley Water District has requested a rehearing of the Public Utilities Commission's decision to approve the application of German utility giant RWE to spin off American Water Co., parent company of Felton water provider California American Water Co., in an initial public offering.

Felton water eminent domain case to stay in county
Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 10, 2007
A Superior Court judge ruled Wednesday that the San Lorenzo Valley Water District's lawsuit seeking to seize California American Water Co. property in Felton through eminent domain will stay in the county.

Cal Am wants fee in line with standard
Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 9, 2007
California American Water Co. has applied to the state Public Utilities
Commission for an increase in its after-hours reconnection fee in the Felton
district, according to an April 30 letter to the PUC.

Cal Am loses request: Change of venue in Felton water lawsuit denied
Monterey Herald, May 10, 2007
California American Water's request for a change of venue for an eminent domain hearing brought by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District to take over the company's Felton water system was denied Wednesday.

Cal Am doesn't want eminent domain issue settled in Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 8, 2007
Saying it can't get a fair trial in Santa Cruz, California American Water Co. will ask the court on Wednesday to change the location of the eminent domain proceedings filed by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

Judge Recommends Spinoff of CalAm
The Valley Post, April 10, 2007
As the San Lorenzo Valley Water District begins a court battle in an attempt to seize control of the Felton water system, the international conglomerate that owns CalAmerican Water is trying to take public its California assets in an initial public offering.

Felton water case: Ball now in lawyers' court
Santa Cruz Sentinel, February 18, 2007
When the board members of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District voted last week to use eminent domain to acquire the Felton water system from California American Water Co., the room erupted in cheers from the dozens of Felton residents.

Water district votes to take Cal-Am
Press-Banner, February 14, 2007
After a four-year battle,  Felton residents cheered the latest step to gain local control of their water last week.

Legal Battle Begins Over Forcible Purchase of Felton Water System
Valley Post, February 13, 2007
This month, attorneys hired by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District will file a lawsuit against California American Water (CalAm). The litigation seeks a forcible purchase of the embattled utility that serves over 1,300 customers in the Felton area. The Water District board voted unanimously on Feb. 8 to begin the court process after a public hearing in which dozens of Felton residents reiterated their frustrations with the internationally owned corporation controlling their water supply.

SLV Water District votes to use eminent domain to take Felton water system
Santa Cruz Sentinel, February 8, 2007
The San Lorenzo Valley Water District voted unanimously Thursday night to use eminent domain to take control of the privately owned Felton water system.

SLV Water District ready to condemn  Felton system
Press-Banner, January 31, 2007
Directors of San Lorenzo Valley Water District have  called a special meeting  Feb. 8 to consider starting eminent domain proceedings to acquire Felton’s water system.

San Lorenzo Valley Water District to decide whether to use eminent domain to take Felton system
Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 27, 2007
The San Lorenzo Valley Water District is setting the stage to use eminent domain to take control of the privately owned Felton water system.

PUC division lambasts Cal-Am in IPO attempt
Press-Banner, January 23, 2007
In a scathing rebuke, a state Public Utilities Commission division accused the German utility that owns Felton's water system of making misleading and erroneous claims in its attempt to spin off its American water holdings.

Aptos residents rally for local control of water
Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 20, 2007
California American Water Co., the private water company on one side of the David-and-Goliath showdown over control of Felton's water system, is looking to purchase a water system in a tiny pocket of the Aptos hills.

Thumbs down to state PUC
Press-Banner, December 20, 2006, Editorial
To the California Public Utilities Commission for being Scrooge to Felton water customers and San Lorenzo Valley Water District. Within a month, the PUC first refused to let the district, which wants to acquire Felton from California-American Water Co., participate in proceedings where Cal-Am’s parent is asking for permission to spin itself off through an IPO and then told Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water to look elsewhere for assistance in taking the system public.

SLV Water District can’t intervene in Cal-Am hearings
Press-Banner, December 20, 2006
San Lorenzo Valley Water District has been denied permission to participate in hearings on American Water Works Co.’s planned initial public offering of stock.

San Lorenzo Valley Water District Offers $7.6 Million for Felton's CalAm
Valley Post, December 19, 2006
Supporters of a public purchase of Felton's water system reached a major milestone this month. Appraisals of the system and its assets are now complete and for the first time, money is on the table. On Dec. 5, the San Lorenzo Valley Water District sent CalAmerican Water, the system's current owner, a formal offer to purchase the system for $7.6 million.

Felton water customers to see bills rise again
Santa Cruz Sentinel, December 1, 2006
The California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday approved a rate increase for the 1,350 Felton customers of California American Water that will raise the average water customer's rate about 13 percent, according to a Cal Am spokesman.

SLV to offer $7.6M for Felton water system
SLV Press-Banner, December 6, 2006
This is a good news-bad news week for Felton water customers. The good news: A $7.6 million offer to purchase the Felton water system is being made by San Lorenzo Valley Water District. Unexpectedly, the potential acquisition also has gotten a nudge from the president of the California Public Utilities Commission. for sale. Cal-Am also announced another rate increase for Felton customers.

SLV Water District to offer $7.6M for Felton water system
Santa Cruz Sentinel, December 2, 2006
The San Lorenzo Valley Water District board of directors voted unanimously Thursday night to offer $7.6 million to California American Water Co. for the Felton water system, according to district Manager Jim Mueller.

UCSC students film documentary on Felton's fight to acquire water system
(Posted April 6, 2006)
UCSC students Jen Lopez and Phoebe Boyd filmed a short documentary on Felton's efforts to acquire its water system from RWE/Cal-Am. They were kind enough to allow us to make it available to everyone.

The documentary interviews members of Felton FLOW and members of the community and examines the issue of local ownership of water. They put a lot of work into it and we think it came out very well.

You can download it here.

Corporate Water 95018 - online (ok, the first third of it)
Bob Evans is hosting the first third of Phyllis Macy's "Corporate Water 95018", a play written and performed to dramatize the problems surrounding private for profit ownership of a municipal water company in the small town of Felton, California.

After the town's water supply was purchased byCalifornia American Water Company (a subsidiary of RWE, a German corporation) their water rates were increased significantly.

Click here to check out the video.

Re-elected SLV Water District board members make plans for progress
Santa Cruz Sentinel, November 24, 2006
With the defeat of challenger Paul Storm, the San Lorenzo Valley Water District board of directors aims to continue with its plans and goals, including updating the district's capital improvement plan, working on major projects such as building a north-south inter-tie and negotiating the acquisition of the Felton water system, said Jim Rapoza, one of three re-elected to the board.

PUC agrees to further discussion on Felton water rate hike
Santa Cruz Sentinel, November 12, 2006
The California Public Utilities Commission declined this week to approve a 50 percent water rate hike for California American Water customers in Felton, instead ordering more discussion on the increase Nov. 30.

Kentucky's 'Bluegrass FLOW' also fighting for local ownership of water
Santa Cruz Sentinel, November 12, 2006
They call themselves "Bluegrass FLOW." Their acronym stands for For Local Ownership of Water rather than Friends of Locally Owned Water, but Bluegrass FLOW in Lexington, Ky., is in line with the Felton group that's been pushing to buy its water system from its corporate owner for more than four years.

FLOW Loses Request For Turnover of Felton Water in Sale of CalAm
Proposition 90 Would Make Eminent Domain More Difficult

Valley Post, October 24, 2006
A State Public Utilities Commission (PUC) member has decided that FLOW cannot demand the immediate divestiture of Felton's water system as a condition of the proposed sale of American Water by German-based conglomerate RWE Aktiengesellshaft.

Valley headed for eminent domain?
Press Banner, October 18, 2006 - Editorial
Fresh on the heels of Scotts Valley making noises about using eminent domain to acquire the parcels necessary to develop the Town Center in Skypark, the San Lorenzo Valley Water District is no doubt readying to get into the act after last week’s decision that the California Public Utilities Commission wouldn’t force German multinational utility RWE to divest Cal-Am water, which serves the Felton area.

Pat McCormick: PUC needs to move forward to expedite Felton waterworks purchase
Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 15, 2006
On Sept. 27, an Administrative Law Judge for the California Public Utilities Commission PUC came to Felton to receive testimony concerning the proposal of the RWE/Thames/California-American Water Company to sell the water system in Felton as part of an initial offering of a new stock company. At the hearing, the PUC's representative heard substantial and unified testimony that the Felton community is ready to purchase the water system before the new stock company is formed.

Judge recommends 50 percent rate hike
Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 10, 2006
Felton residents will pay 50 percent more for water if last week's recommendation by an administrative law judge is approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.

State does not order Cal Am to divest waterworks
Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 10, 2006
State regulators sided with California American Water Co. rather than Felton residents who had hoped the company would be ordered to negotiate the sale of its Felton waterworks to their community.

Felton residents ask judge to force water system sale
Press-Banner, October 4, 2006
Dozens of residents made impassioned pleas to a state Public Utilities Commission judge Wednesday, Sept. 27, to force the German corporate owners of Felton's water system to sell to the neighboring San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

Felton residents boiling over water
Santa Cruz Sentinel, September 29, 2006
One by one, 38 residents, interested parties and elected officials approached the microphone Wednesday night before a state Public Utility Commission administrative law judge and echoed the same sentiment: "Help." (Photo courtesy Brian Fus)

Felton residents to spout off about water tonight
Santa Cruze Sentinel, September 27, 2006
FELTON — Felton residents have a chance tonight to weigh in on a potential change in the ownership of their water system during a Public Utilities Commission hearing. But local advocates plan to use the meeting as an opportunity to convince the commission that the system should be taken out of corporate hands and sold to the people.

LAFCO decision paves way for buyout of Felton water system
Santa Cruz Sentinel, September 12, 2006
When silence filled the room at the county Government Center on Monday afternoon, Patrick McCormick closed the meeting, and the San Lorenzo Valley Water District obtained final clearance to annex the Felton service area.

Time for Cal-Am to give up game
Valley Press, August 31, 2006
EDITORIAL: The saying goes that all good things must come to an end. Whether one thinks the ongoing saga between California-American Water and Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water is a good thing, a bad thing or just plain ugly, the time is clearly coming to put this impasse out of its misery.

Where is FLOW now?
Valley Post, August 30, 2006
By now, property owners in Felton have received two property tax bills reflecting the cost of the first $1 million in bonds from Measure W. The $11 million bond measure was overwhelmingly approved by voters in July of 2005 amid a frenzy of public debate. Measure W 'authorized' and funded San Lorenzo Valley water district's proposed purchase of Felton's privately owned water system.

Water rates in Felton to rise, but it's unclear how much
Santa Cruz Sentinel, August 27, 2006
An administrative law judge for the California Public Utilities Commission issued a preliminary opinion this month that allows some rate increases requested by Felton water system owner California American Water Co. but doesn't allow others.

PUC to host water hearing in Felton
SLV Press-Banner, August 9, 2006
The state Public Utilities Commission has schedule a Felton hearing to investigate a request by the Felton water system's German corporate parent to sell of its water utilities. (Page 1) (Page 2)

LAFCO to decide whether to allow SLV Water District to annex Felton system
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 24, 2006
FELTON — It may just be another drop in the bucket toward a locally owned water system in Felton, but it is a necessary one for those seeking control of their water supply.

Public hearing set for waterworks sale
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 27, 2006
The Public Utilities Commission public hearing on German utility giant RWE's sale of American Water Works, which includes Felton water system owner California American Water Co., will be 7 p.m. Sept. 27 at Felton Community Hall.

PUC will hear case on waterworks sale
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 19, 2006
The Public Utilities Commission is considering German utility giant RWE's application to sell American Water Works, which includes Felton water system owner California American Water Co., according to the grassroots group Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water.

Eshoo backs FLOW, bashes Bush
Press Banner, July 19, 2006
Rep. Anna Eshoo said Sunday, July 16, that she has allied herself with Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water by writing to the state Public Utilities Commission and urging it to require utility giant RWE to negotiate divestiture of its Felton water system.

Water is all wet: Stock prices look too high despite some Wall Street recommendations
MarketWatch, July 18, 2006
Despite some recent Wall Street analysts' flowing recommendations, U.S. water stocks aren't good buys right now.

LAFCO prepares for Felton water takeover
Press-Banner, July 5, 2006
Felton residents are closer to gaining control of their water system, following a resounding vote of confidence by the countywide Local Agency Formation Commission.

Annexation a 'satisfying' step for FLOW
Santa Cruz Sentinel, Junet 28, 2006
Like a cold glass of water on a hot day, Monday night's Local Agency Formation Commission decision was "very satisfying" for members of the grassroots Friends of Locally Owned Water group.

Residents closer to owning their water
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 27, 2006
The Local Agency Formation Commission unanimously agreed Monday to annex about 1,920 acres in Felton to the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

Dry Hole: Great Expectations For Private Water Fail to Pan Out --- Under Fire, Germany's RWE Plans to Exit U.S. Market; Global Ambitions Thwarted --- An Uprising in California Town
Wall Street Journal, June 26, 2006, Page A1
FELTON, Calif. -- To RWE AG, Germany's biggest electric company, the water business a few years ago seemed to promise a gusher of profits. Governments in the U.S. and around the globe were eager to privatize their water systems. RWE was already experienced in delivering electricity and gas to millions of homes.

Cal-Am to recover costs through rates
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 20, 2006
California American Water Co., the water provider for Felton, has requested authority from the state Public Utilities Commission to create an account to track Cal-Am's share of expenses incurred by its parent company, American Water Works, in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

SLV Water District seeks annexation
Water ownership battles playing out across U.S. – Companies’ themes, rhetoric, tactics are similar, as are communities’
Lexington Herald-Leader, June 4, 2006
There was a group named FLOW and a subsidiary of American Water. There were yard signs, mass mailings and plenty of campaign rhetoric about public ownership of the water utility. But it wasn't here.

Small Towns Tell a Cautionary Tale About the Private Control of Water
Los Angeles Times, May 30, 2006
In San Jerardo, a tidy but poor farmworker cooperative encircled by the black earth of Salinas Valley fields, residents have been drinking bottled water for almost five years because the tap water they buy from a private company is unsafe."

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Misconduct Taints the Water in Some Privatized Systems
Los Angeles Times, May 29, 2006
INDIANAPOLIS — In recent years, cities across the U.S. have turned over a vital public service — providing safe drinking water — to private enterprise.

Pressure turned up in the war on water: Towns push to make service public again
Chicago Tribune, May 28, 2006
For many towns across the country, it once seemed like a good idea to have municipal water utilities in the hands of private companies.

Utilities commission denies legal compensation for FLOW
SLV Press-Banner, May 17, 2006
The state Public Utilities Commission last week denied "intervenor compensation" for Felton FLOW that would have paid its $49,719 legal bill incurred by its participation in PUC hearings about rates a restructuring of California-American Water Co.

SFelton water group loses appeal in PUC decision
Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 12, 2006
One of their quests was shot down, but a local grass-roots water group flows on.

Water group faces hurdle
Santa Cruz Sentinel, April 23, 2006
San Francisco attorney Edward O'Neill spent about 120 hours during the past two years developing arguments to help people in Felton fight to keep their waterworks out of a merger with Monterey. The people who hired him won the argument, but O'Neill may not get paid.

Threat seen to water-system sale - Felton: Residents concerned over eminent domain amendments
Monterey Herald, March 31, 2006
Felton residents are concerned that two constitutional amendments working their way through the state Legislature and a ballot initiative being circulated that would curb state and local government authority to impose eminent domain claims on private property might torpedo their efforts to force the sale of California American Water's system in Felton to a public agency.

Felton residents see new window for purchase of waterworks
Santa Cruz Sentinel, March 29, 2006
Felton residents pushing to buy that area's water system from California American Water Co. are turning up the pressure following an announcement last week that Cal Am would become a publicly-traded company.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, March 26, 2006
The San Lorenzo Valley Water District board of directors on Thursday voted unanimously to begin the process of annexing the Felton water system service area into that of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District

At World Forum, Support Erodes for Private Management of Water
New York Times, March 19, 2006
For more than a decade, the idea that private companies would be able to bring water to the world's poor has been a mantra of development policies promoted by international lending agencies and many governments.

Veolia casts hungry eye overseas
Bloomberg, March 14, 2006
The chief executive of Veolia Environnement said Monday that he would consider acquisitions involving units of rivals RWE and Suez, but ruled out joining any unsolicited offer for Suez.

Proposed amendment could dam FLOW's efforts
Santa Cruz Sentinel, February 24, 2006
A proposed amendment to the state Constitution has recently surfaced that, if passed, could negate the past four years of efforts by water crusaders in Felton.

Water bill: $36,800 in legal fees
Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 17, 2006
A judge has ordered Felton resident Patrick Dugan to pay $36,800 in legal fees for his challenge of the ballot argument on Felton's waterworks last May.

RWE Shares Reach Record on Report of Thames Water Bid
Bloomberg, January 16, 2006
Shares of RWE AG, Europe's fourth- largest power company, rose to a record on reports that buyout firm Terra Firma Capital Partners Ltd., led by the British financier Guy Hands, plans to buy the company's U.K. water unit for 8 billion pounds ($14.2 billion).

Cal Am demands water district records
Santa Cruz Sentinel, December 15, 2005
When someone files a request for five years worth of your financial records, you know they're looking for something.

Cal Am to be sold
Monterey Herald, November 7, 2005
For months, California American Water has been telling groups advocating a public takeover of the company's systems on the Monterey Peninsula and in Felton that it is not willing to sell. The matter is now out of its hands.

Cal-Am Water System Put Up For Sale
KSBW-TV, November 4, 2005
Action News learned Friday night that Cal-Am water is up for sale, which could have an impact on Measure W in next weeks Special Election.

Judge dumps challenge to Felton's water bill
Monterey Herald, November 4, 2005
While California American Water awaits the outcome of Tuesday's vote to determine if voters want to study a takeover of its local system, a judge this week upheld July's vote in Felton in which voters overwhelmingly approved a bond measure to finance a hostile takeover of the company's system there.

Measure W sets record in spending: Cal Am's campaign drives total to nearly $300,000
Monterey Herald, November 4, 2005
Measure W, the fight over a potential takeover of California American Water's local system, is the most expensive campaign ever on the Peninsula: nearly $300,000 to date.

Judge upholds Felton water vote
Santa Cruz Sentinel, November 2, 2005
A Superior Court judge has upheld the July 26 special election on Felton's waterworks, a decision that had Measure W supporters smiling.

Cal Am's puppet show
Monterey Herald, October 20, 2005
It's interesting to see who's supporting Cal Am in opposition to Measure W: Larry Foy, a former Cal Am employee, and Paul Bruno, whose family-owned company, Monterey Peninsula Engineering, has received contracts from Cal Am worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Turning on the Tap: Is Water the Next Oil?
Harvard Business School, October 17, 2005
Flush, shower, rinse, swallow—fumbling through their first waking moments, most Americans are probably too groggy to see competitive advantage in their early morning routine. But there it is: All the H2O they need—cheap, clean, treated, pressurized, and home-delivered—available at the turn of a faucet. Not so for 1 billion other residents of planet Earth, whose day begins quite differently. With their basic health already compromised for lack of water-based sanitation, those less fortunate must also worry that their drinking water—often requiring several hours each day to collect—may sicken or even kill them.

New report issued on water company
Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 5, 2005
Public Citizen has issued a new report on RWE/Thames Water, the parent company of California American, which owns the Felton waterworks. The report describes company operation in England over the past six years and seven locations in the United States, including Stockton, Monterey, and Chualar.

California and Kentucky Cities Should Fire Corporate Water Giant: Communities Will Be Better Served by Local Control of Water
Public Citizen press release, Oct. 4, 2005
WASHINGTON - The largest private water company in the United States, which serves 16 million customers in 29 states, is heavily debt-ridden and has a track record of raising rates excessively where it operates, according to a new report by Public Citizen. The national consumer group Public Citizen urges voters in Lexington, Ky., and Monterey, Calif. to fire the corporate water giant when they vote Nov. 8 on initiatives asking whether the communities should buy back their local water utility from Kentucky American and California American, subsidiaries of the multinational RWE AG.

44 percent Felton water rate hike upheld
Santa Cruz Sentinel, September 18, 2005
Customers of California American can expect to see bigger water bills in mid-October, now that state regulators have upheld a 44.2 percent rate hike.

Felton, Peninsula systems shouldn't be merged, PUC says: Action means immediate, drastic boost in water rates of Santa Cruz Mountains town
Monterey Herald, September 13, 2005
The Monterey Peninsula's water rates may go up considerably next year, but they won't include subsidies to reduce the water rates in Felton.

Felton man pushing to nullify vote
Santa Cruz Sentinel, August 30, 2005
Felton resident Patrick Dugan wants a judge to throw out the results of Measure W, the July 26 special election on Felton’s waterworks.

Cal Am shutoffs cause a stir: Residents not on company's list say they weren't warned
Monterey Herald, August 18, 2005
Sally Hoover bought a house and moved to Seaside in 2003. She started receiving bills from a regional water agency and water flowed when she turned on her faucet, so she assumed all was well.

Judge decides that Felton-Monterey water merger is not realistic
Santa Cruz Sentinel, August 7, 2005
A judge has issued his recommendation to deal with rate shock for Felton water customers. James McVicar, administrative law judge with the Public Utilities Commission, has recommended a 30 percent increase in water rates for Felton customers.

Keep water rates apart, judge says
Monterey Herald, August 3, 2005
Monterey Peninsula residents should not have to subsidize the water rates of residents in Felton, an administrative law judge with the state utilities commission said Tuesday.

Supervisors approve Felton water vote results
Santa Cruz Sentinel, August 3, 2005
A week after Felton voters approved an $11 million bond measure to buy the town's water system, the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday put the legal steps in motion.

Stop corporate takeover
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 28, 2005 (Letter to the Editor)
Common sense tells me that no person, private company or corporation should have the legal rights to control through "ownership" water necessary to maintain life and to sell it solely for profit.

Water company says it won’t sell waterworks to Felton
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 28, 2005
If Felton residents thought they won the battle to take over their waterworks Tuesday with the success of Measure W, California American officials beg to differ.

Town has the money but utility won't sell
FELTON, Calif. - Voters in Felton have approved an $11 million bond issue to buy its California American Water system, but the company says it is not for sale.

Felton Voters Support Local Water Control
Free Speech Radio Network, July 27, 2005
Multinational corporations are buying up water rights worldwide. About five percent of the global water supply is controlled by private companies. This privatization raises fears, and in some places, like Bolivia, water privatization has caused deadly conflict. A three year struggle over control of the Felton, CA waterworks, entered a new phase last night with passage of Measure W, an 11 million dollar bond to buy-back the local system.

Bond Measure Calls For Buying Water System From Cal-Am
KSBW, July 27, 2005
FELTON, Calif. -- Felton voters decided overwhelmingly to pass Measure W -- a bond measure to buy back the city's water system from California American.

Felton backs water buyout
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 27, 2005
FELTON — Measure W supporters celebrated with champagne and cake Tuesday night, thrilled that the $11 million bond to buy their waterworks passed with a 74 percent yes vote.

Felton OKs takeover of Cal Am: Court battle expected; vote may add steam to Peninsula's effort
Monterey Herald, July 27, 2005
Voters in Felton on Tuesday passed an $11 million bond measure to finance a public takeover of California American Water's system there.

Measure W outcome was difficult to predict
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 27, 2005
It’s not easy to take the pulse of the Felton electorate. At least not on Measure W.

Measure W whips up local debate: Felton: Bond would fund public takeover of Cal Am water system
Monterey Herald, July 24, 2005
FELTON - Walk into the farmers market here on a Tuesday afternoon and you'll be overwhelmed with the sweet aroma of fresh strawberries. Stick around and you'll sense something else in the air: the electricity of a political campaign that has galvanized this tightly knit community.

Felton watershed emerges as issue in Measure W battle
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 23, 2005
Measure W opponent Patrick Dugan claims county Supervisor Mark Stone refused an offer from California American to protect the Felton watershed from development.

Who’s to blame for Hwy. 9 cost overrun?
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 23, 2005
Customers fighting a water rate hike blame their water company for a $150,000 cost overrun on its project to replace a main on Highway 9.

Felton group cleared of wrongdoing: Cal-Am claims voting irregularities
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 23, 2005
No evidence of a campaign-reporting violation was found in the Measure W election, but new complaints have surfaced, this time alleging voting irregularities.

Water rate-hike expense hits $1M; Cal Am: Customers should pay cost
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 22, 2005
Felton’s water company wants customers to foot the bill for its expenses in the pending rate-hike request, a $1 million tab expected to reach $1.3 million.

Cal Am measure set for ballot: Asks voters to pay for takeover investigation
Monterey Herald, July 22, 2005
Residents who have been calling for a public takeover of California American Water's Monterey Peninsula system will get a chance to put their money where their mouth is in November.

Felton water buyout group accuses opponents of violating law
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 21, 2005
FELTON — The District Attorney’s Office will investigate a complaint alleging that a group active in the Measure W special election has violated campaign finance law.

Dousing Opposition: Cal Am says it will not fight water system buyout here
Monterey County Weekly, July 14, 2005
In November, Peninsula voters will decide if they want to finance a study of the cost of a public takeover of California American Water Company’s local system. Meanwhile, in Felton, a small community in the Santa Cruz mountains, residents are currently voting on a 30-year tax to buy their water system from Cal Am in a mail-in ballot with a July 26 deadline.

Water takeover is smart
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 10, 2005 (Letter to the Editor)
Capitalism generally provides marvelous benefits to consumers because the innovations and productivity that the profit motive unleashes are transferred to the customer by the vigorous competition a company faces. Water is the most natural monopoly there is. That is fundamentally why Felton’s attempt to take back control of its water system makes such sound fiscal sense. CalAm has no competition, so it is not penalized either for poor service or high prices. The virtues of capitalism become vices when there is no competition.

Cal Am clients have an ally
Monterey Herald, July 10, 2005 (Editorial)
Customers who were stunned by California American Water's request for a 46 percent rate increase next year now have an able advocate on their side. Not only has the state Office of Ratepayer Advocates challenged that sought-after increase and more in the two years to follow, it's recommending customers actually get a 6 percent decrease in their bills next year.

Felton holds community forum to discuss water buyout
Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 3, 2005
Voters have questions about Measure W, a bond of up to $11 million to buy the Felton waterworks from California American. It’s a special tax that will cost homeowners between $595 to $698 per year.

No alternative water source in 10 years? Cal Am still pumping Carmel River beyond the legal limit
Monterey Herald, July 3, 2005
In California, whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over." -- Mark Twain. Twain could have been talking about the Monterey Peninsula.

Cal Am faces penalties on trout, frogs: Liability for endangered species could be in $330 million range
Monterey Herald, July 2, 2005
California American Water could face penalties in excess of $330 million unless it develops a plan to make up for damage to endangered trout and frogs.

Cal-Am acknowledges water monitoring error
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 30
FELTON — State records show a lapse by California American in monitoring Felton’s drinking water in 2004. Leslie Jordan, the company’s water quality chief, confirmed Wednesday that a mistake was made and vowed "this will never happen again."

A Request for a Public Retraction
Valley Press, June 29, 2005 (Letter to the Editor)
My name is John Fasolas and I'm the FLOW supporter probably best known for driving the big silver van with the FLOW banners on the sides and back.

Water Fight: Felton’s effort to buy its water comes to a vote
Good Times, June 30, 2005
A furious battle over who should control Felton’s water system took a step closer to resolution this week as Measure W ballots arrived in local mailboxes, competing for attention with credit card bills, coupon books and the Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

Start studying water system takeover (Editorial)
Monterey Herald, June 26, 2005
It's too early to support a public takeover of the California American Water system, but the water board's step in that direction last week was a good move. Condemnation is so difficult and so potentially counterproductive that it should be studied hard, which is exactly what the board wants voters to authorize.

Cal Am ratepayers get rebates: Returns are leftovers from last year's emergency increase
Monterey Herald, June 26, 2005
Many California American Water ratepayers are receiving a welcome surprise in their water bills this month -- a rebate.

DeCinzo's Puppet Masters?
Metro Santa Cruz, June 23, 2005
As the Measure W vote on Felton's water system approaches (ballots will be mailed June 27), Cal-Am, the corporation that currently owns the water system, continues its charge against Friends of Locally Owned Water, after most of CalAm's requests to change wording in the ballot were rebuffed by Superior Court Judge Art Danner.

Drown Payment: Monterey Peninsula Water Management District considers the costs of owning Cal Am’s system
Monterey County Weekly, June 23, 2005
Peninsula voters, famously fed up with California American Water Company’s rates and decrepit local water system, will get to weigh in on a public buyout of the private system. On June 21, the water board approved a November ballot measure that will ask voters if the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD) should “be directed to investigate the cost and process to publicly acquire the Cal Am system.

What’s in the water?
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 22, 2005
Good to hear that water-quality concerns with tetrachloroethylene are being so carefully monitored, prompting action in Scotts Valley. Wish I could feel so confident here in Felton, where a Superfund-eligible site contaminated with tetrachloroethylene is not being monitored....

Group spends $8,500 toward Felton water buyout push
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 22, 2005
SANTA CRUZ — Friends of Locally Owned Water has spent $8,563 this year in its campaign for Measure W, the Felton water buyout ballot.

Cal-Am backed Felton lawsuit: Property rights advocate volunteered to help company
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 19, 2005
A campaign filing statement shows who paid the legal bills for the law firm that sued to change the wording on Measure W — the Felton water buyout ballot. It was California American Water, which owns the waterworks.

Cal Am wants out of ownership ordinance: Released records show company sought modification of public partner requirement for desalination plant
Monterey Herald, June 19, 2005
The California Coastal Commission has joined the chorus of agencies and individuals wanting to know how California American Water plans to meet the county ordinance requiring public ownership of a desalination plant.

Word up: Felton water ballot OK’d: Reworded Measure W draws judge’s approval
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 10, 2005
In the courtroom clash Thursday over Measure W — the Felton water buyout ballot — it came down to two words: guaranteed profits. The result: The argument for Measure W in the voter information guide will be changed, but not as much as Measure W opponent Patrick Dugan wanted.

Group emerges to fight Felton water buyout
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 7, 2005
A new group, the Valley Information Alliance, has surfaced to oppose Measure W, the Felton water buyout, with a mailer that does not identify its leader or financier.

New date for Felton ballot suit (second story)
Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 7, 2005
The attempt by Felton resident Patrick Dugan to change the wording of a Measure W ballot statement has been postponed until Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in Department 9 of the county courthouse.

Water customers won't see double: Cal Am can't yet charge for desal plans, judge says
June 3, 2005, Monterey Herald
California America Water's proposal to double rates charged to its Monterey Peninsula consumers has been shelved - at least for now.

Felton Cliffhanger
May 25, 2005, Metro Santa Cruz
We're on the edges of our seats here in the Nüzroom as we wait for the next development in the FRIENDS OF LOCALLY OWNED WATER scuffle, wherein a ragtag group of Felton residents vie to buy out the rich, profit-mongering villainous CAL-AM CORPORATION -- or anyway that's how the script might have read in the hands of a younger MICHAEL MANN, director of The Insider.

Send Cal Am packing
May 24, 2005, Monterey Herald (Letter to the Editor)
Lies! Lies! Lies! Cal Am's German masters may think that they can lie, seduce our elected representatives with big money and break laws without any consequences. The Herald's exposé tragically outlines how big business does backroom deals with weak local politicians at the expense of our citizens.

Biased survey of Montara Water customers yields predictable result
May 23, 2005, Coastsider
By Barry Parr
The results of survey of Montara Water and Sanitary District customers by an anti-public ownership think tank are in and they’re pretty much what you’d expect.

Web confirms Cal Am lobby expenses: Water utility paid $10K in '03 to influence McPherson bill
May 20, 2005, Monterey Herald
Contrary to the company's denials, state records show that California American Water lobbied on Senate Bill 149, failed legislation by former Sen. Bruce McPherson that would have reshaped governance of the Peninsula water district.

Lawyers prepare for June 6 clash over Felton water
May 19, 2005, Santa Cruz Sentinel
Felton residents will be back in court June 6 to argue over the wording of a voter pamphlet for Measure W. Measure W is the ballot measure for Felton voters to decide on a special tax to buy out their waterworks, now owned by California American, and join the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

Cal Am lobbying under scrutiny: Company has long sought to eliminate water district
May 18, 2005, Monterey Herald
Consumer advocates at the California Public Utilities Commission have asked California American Water to explain its activities surrounding state legislation to dissolve the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, Cal Am's only local regulator.

Group faces lawsuit in push for Felton water buyout
May 17, 2005, Santa Cruz Sentinel
FELTON — Friends of Locally Owned Water, the grassroots group pushing a ballot measure to buy the Felton waterworks, has been sued over the wording of the voter pamphlet scheduled to be mailed June 27. The lawsuit was filed Monday by Felton resident Patrick Dugan, local chairman of the Libertarian Party and president of the San Lorenzo Valley Property Owners Association.

Cal Am has spent more than $1 million to promote its desalination plant, but...
May 15, 2005, Monterey Herald
California American Water has paid more than $1.1 million to public relations and lobbying firms to promote its proposed desalination project and wants to be reimbursed by its Monterey Peninsula customers.

Residents protest water rate proposal: Cal Am says increase necessary to cover cost of projects
Monterey Herald, May 13, 2005
Monterey Peninsula residents turned out in force Thursday to protest a proposed doubling of their water rates, complaining the increases would be unfair, unjustified and unaffordable to low-income residents.

Crews puncture water line on Highway 9
May 4, 2005, Santa Cruz Sentinel
Crews working on water main improvements on Highway 9 punctured a lateral service line by mistake Tuesday afternoon, prompting concern among customers.

Cal Am sees conflict in desal rule: State law trumps county ordinance, company says
May 1, 2005, Monterey Herald
California American Water Co. has informed state regulators it believes the Monterey County ordinance requiring public ownership of a desalination plant is in conflict with state law and is unenforceable.

Supes OK water buyout ballot
April 29, Santa Cruz Sentinel
FELTON — Now the campaign can officially begin. County supervisors voted unanimously Wednesday to let Felton residents vote on whether they want to borrow $11 million to buy their waterworks from its corporate owner.

FLOW Wants Openness, Dialogue
April 20, 2005, Valley Press Letter to the Editor
In his April 6, 2005 letter, Evan Jacobs (Felton's Public Information Officer of California American Water/RWE) calls for openness and dialogue in Felton's campaign to regain control of its water resources. We couldn't agree more.

Felton to offer views on buyout: Public hearing Tuesday will review future of waterworks
April 24, 2005, Santa Cruz Sentinel
FELTON — One more step must be taken before Felton residents can vote on whether they are willing to tax themselves to buy their waterworks.

Cal Am files to limit protesters: Water company claims groups have no ties to rate case
April 21, 2005, Monterey Herald
California American Water Co. wants to thin the ranks of protesters with legal standing to oppose Cal Am's proposed rates that could more than double Monterey Peninsula water charges.

Supervisors approve water board concept: Group to define approach to desalination project
Monterey Herald, April 20, 2005
The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a governance concept for a water supply project that creates a regional advisory board but gives supervisors ultimate authority over the project.

Advisory vote on buying out Cal Am urged: Public takeover question proposed for November ballot
April 19, 2005, Monterey Herald
A Peninsula water board director on Monday called for an advisory ballot measure to gauge the community's support for a public buyout of the California American Water Co.'s local system.

Editorial: 'Water, Water Everywhere'
April 15, 2005, KSBW-TV
"Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink." The lament of Coleridge's Ancient Mariner rings true to Central Coast ears. Drive the highways and byways of the Central Coast this weekend, and you're likely to see something that we don't often see in this area: river and creek beds briskly flowing with water. Like the wildflowers bursting with color this spring, rivers, streams and creeks are nearly bursting their banks with unusually high water levels.

Eminent domain bill withdrawn - Would-be buyers of Cal Am systems applaud
April 14, 2005, Monterey Herald
After fielding protests from the Central Coast, a Fresno assemblyman has withdrawn proposed legislation that would have made it more difficult for public entities to take over private water systems through the process of eminent domain.

Supervisors approve water board concept: Group to define approach to desalination project
Monterey Herald, April 20, 2005
The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a governance concept for a water supply project that creates a regional advisory board but gives supervisors ultimate authority over the project.

Military protests water rate: Some fear hikes could affect base-closure decisions
April 11, 2005, Monterey Herald
City and military officials are concerned that a proposal by California American Water Co. to more than double Peninsula water rates could contribute to a federal decision to close Monterey's military installations.

Water project moves ahead
April 8, 2005, Monterey Herald
After more than four months of negotiations, a consortium of city governments, water agencies and the county Thursday announced an "approval in concept" to pursue a publicly owned regional water project under the umbrella of the Monterey County Board of Supervisors.

Debates mark town water deals
April 1, 2005, Sonora Union Democrat
In San Joaquin County, Lathrop city officials say handing over operations of their sewer system to a private company has been a boon. But in Santa Cruz County, Felton residents are fighting to buy their water and sewer system back from a private company that's readying 85-percent rate increases.

Felton water-main break illustrates tension between customers, CalAm
March 31, 2005, Santa Cruz Sentinel
FELTON — When Rod Wilkerson saw a crew with night lights outside his house on Highway 9, he went outside to take a look. When he realized there was a water main break, he grabbed his Polaroid to photograph the hole in the ground even though it was 10 p.m. He never expected anyone to call the Sheriff’s Office.

Plan to buy water system advances
March 16, 2005, Santa Cruz Sentinel
Efforts by Felton residents to buy that area’s water system from a private corporation took a big step Tuesday. The county Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to begin establishing a special tax district to pay for buying the system owned by California American Water Co. and approved a preliminary plan that would issue about $11 million in bond debt to do it.

Water-system takeover legislation draws ire - AB1397
March 16, 2005, Monterey Herald
Two Central Coast groups, one in Monterey and another in Felton, say California American Water Co. is trying to block potential takeovers of local water systems through legislation that would rewrite the state's eminent domain laws.

Lawsuit threatened over river - Group says overpumping harms life in Carmel River
March 22, 2005, Monterey Herald
The Elkhorn Slough Coalition has put the Bush administration on notice that it plans to sue two federal agencies and California American Water Co. over the effects of overpumping on the Carmel River.

Agreement paves way for Felton water buyout
March 5, Santa Cruz Sentinel
BOULDER CREEK — Felton residents who want to buy their waterworks from the corporate owner have jumped another hurdle. The San Lorenzo Valley Water District board voted unanimously Thursday night to approve an agreement with the county to own and operate the waterworks.

Cal-Am proposes larger revenue increase
March 5, 2005, Santa Cruz Sentinel
FELTON — California American Water has replaced its proposal for a 108-percent revenue increase for Felton customers, with one seeking a 109.67-percent revenue increase.

Small Chemical Spill Questioned
March 2, 2005, San Lorenzo Valley Press/Banner
There was a small chemical spill recently in the Felton Water District. Thanks to the location of the Water Dstrict ffice to our fire station, Cal-Am employees received prompt and efficient help.

Back Pajaro-Sunny Mesa
March 3, 2005, Monterey Herald
Who among us could prefer continued service from the California-American Water Company? Any telephone inquiry addressed to the company winds up with an unsatisfactory response from Illinois.

Felton taxing district to be discussed at board meeting
March 3, 2005, Santa Cruz Sentinel
BOULDER CREEK — Call it a prenuptial agreement. It’s a 10-page document laying out terms under which the San Lorenzo Valley Water District would operate the Felton waterworks owned by California American.

Bill links water, housing - Laird wants desal plant requirement
March 1, 2005, Monterey Herald
Assemblyman John Laird has introduced legislation that would require any desalination plant serving the Monterey Peninsula to produce at least 750 acre-feet of water per year for affordable housing.

Listen on line to BBC series on privatization – "The Global Sell-Off"
[posted 2.21.05]
The BBC’s World Service is broadcasting a series on the privatization of public utilities called "The Global Sell-Off". The series discusses the German transnational corporation that owns Cal-Am, and the reporter meets workers and bosses whose enterprises succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. But he also hears from those in developing countries who feel they are worse off because of privatization. You can listen online here.

Speedy desalination solution urged
Monterey Herald, February 21, 2005
While two groups move forward with competing plans for desalination plants in Moss Landing, area mayors and their staffs are developing a structure for governing a regional desalination plant.

Cal-Am Requests Rate Increase For Monterey - Customers Could Face 21.7 Percent Rate Hike In 2006
KSBW-TV, February 16, 2005
MONTEREY, Calif. -- An increase in water rates could be on the horizon for Cal-Am customers. The company has requested approval from the California Public Utilities Commission for a general increase in water rates for Monterey.

Chemical accident at Cal-Am Felton water treatment plant
[posted 2.16.05]
The Scotts Valley Post reported in its February 15 issue that a cloud of hazardous chlorine gas was released from Cal-Am's Felton treatment plant on January 6 when an employee incorrectly mixed chemicals in a 55-gallon drum. The Felton Fire Department and County environmental health officers responded to the incident. One employee was taken to a doctor to be checked. Cal-Am will not be fined for the incident.

PUC orders Cal-Am to reduce water rates in Ventura County
Ventura County Star, January 14, 2005
The California Public Utilties Commission ordered Cal-Am to lower water rates for 20,000 Ventura County ratepayers, according to the Ventura County Star. Cal-Am had been charging its customers about one-third more than those customers served by the city of Thousand Oaks, which purchases water from the same source. (Second item in story. If prompted for login, use "address@address.com" and password "bugmenot").

Cal Am delays pilot desal plant
Monterey Herald, December 28, 2004
California American Water Co. is applying the brakes to a plan for a pilot desaliniation plant that was to have started production in Moss Landing in early 2005.

San Lorenzo Valley Newsmaker: The Cal Am water fight - Felton group turns up the pressure
Santa Cruz Sentinel, December 26, 2004
Some people might give up rather than tangle with a global corporation. But not the folks in Felton, who formed Friends of Locally Owned Water to fight California Amercan and its parent company, German-based RWE.

Judge's ruling allows FLOW to be heard in water rate case
Santa Cruz Sentinel, December 21, 2004
The winner of the latest skirmish over Felton's water is FLOW, or Friends of Locally Owned Water.