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Anonymous mailers and mystery groups in Felton
The following letter to the editor was submitted to the Valley Press:

Dear Editor,
Felton voters have received yet another anonymous mailer supposedly from groups opposing Measure W, the vote to buy our water system from Cal-Am. A look at the organizations is enlightening:

The Senior Coalition - Its executive director, Tom Walsh, wrote us that his group is a "one trick pony" that opposes any measure that doesn't exempt seniors, even if they are wealthy -- even if it saves them money in the long run!

The San Lorenzo Valley Property Owners Association - The organization accepted an undisclosed amount of money from Cal-Am to oppose the water system purchase effort. Cal-Am also picked up the $37,000 tab for Mr. Dugan's ill-fated challenge to the Yes on Measure W ballot argument.

The Valley Information Alliance - Their spokeswoman Mary Anderson was asked by Cal-Am's PR representative, Evan Jacobs, to sign the No on W ballot argument.The only two other individuals associated with VIA, Bev Koch and Margaret Verigan, don't appear to have existed prior to their emails and letters to the editor. Neither is a registered voter or property owner in Felton. Who are they? Has anyone seen them?

The Redwood Preservation Club and Felton Citizens Against Measure W - Has anyone ever heard of these groups before?

The return address on this new anonymous mailer lists a Felton post office box. It is owned by Tom Anderson, who signed the No on W ballot argument and whose wife Mary is spokeswoman for VIA. Are fake groups being created to give the appearance of more support for the No on Measure W position?

Cal-Am's parent company, American Water, has a track record of paying existing community organizations or creating fake new ones to get its messages out. Is Cal-Am so desperate to win that it would stoop to this level of dirty politicking in our valley town?

Jim & Roxanne Graham