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A Request for a Public Retraction
The following letter to the editor of the Valley Press was reprinted with permission from the author.

My name is John Fasolas and I'm the FLOW supporter probably best known for driving the big silver van with the FLOW banners on the sides and back.

I just received an email forwarded from a Felton resident. This email, from "Bev" with the Valley Information Alliance, claims that two families on Redwood Drive "have been harassed by the guy driving the FLOW van" and that they have filed a police report.

I checked with the Sheriff's substation and there is no report. I drive Redwood almost every day on my way to work. I have never harassed anyone. The accustaion is totally untrue.

I am a longtime resident, a reputable businessman and an honest neighbor. This rumor-mongering by the so-called spokeswoman for VIA verges on slander. I call on "Bev", if she really exists, to publicly retract her accusation. There's no excuse for making defamatory personal remarks when the water issue is what we should be focused on.

We with FLOW will continue to provide positive information on the benefits of purchasing our water system from Cal-Am.

John Fasolas
June 22